Farmer Focus tells the story of college friends making a dairy thrive


The latest installation of “Farmer Focus,” co-sponsored by the NMPF and the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program details how three couples who met in college are working together to make a Stanley, NY, dairy succeed, working together to care for cows, people and the environment.

“We went to college with the others at Cornell. We would talk about someday starting a dairy together and eventually, it actually worked out,” says Abbey Copenhaver, who along with her husband, Austin, are one of three couples who are business partners with Todd and Nori Hathorn, the former full owners of the dairy.

The friends are now raising families as they learn more about running an environmentally – and economically – sustainable dairy. For more Farmer Focus stories, check out NMPF’s “Sharing Our Story” initiative, which also includes its Dairy Defined thought-leadership series and CEO’s Corner, a monthly thought leadership column from NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern.

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