Featured Breakout Sessions: California Dairy Sustainability Summit

California Dairy Sustainability Summit

March 25-26, 2020 Cal Expo | Sacramento, CA

Join us for the 2020 California Dairy Sustainability Summit to gain innovative strategies and tools to advance sustainability, improve efficiency, and reduce costs on your dairy farm. Check out the featured sessions below, and browse the full agenda to learn more about what we have in store for attendees.




Featured Breakout Sessions

People, Cows, and Tech: Tips for Implementing Changes and Boosting Efficiency

This session will discuss technologies and strategies that reduce labor needs, help employees make the most out of their workday, and ensure ultimate health and comfort for cows. Learn from farmers and technology providers as they discuss what it takes to not just install technologies, but implement effective changes.

SGMA Strategies: How Dairies Can Best Manage Fast-Approaching Implications of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Moderated by Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel, this session will provide an overview of how SGMA will impact dairies and how local groundwater agencies are approaching the challenge. Learn from local groundwater experts, the California Department of Water Resources, and dairy farmers, as they discuss the road ahead, regional efforts to increase surface water availability, and other strategies.



Managing Manure to Create a Circular Fertilizer Economy

This panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities related to sharing more of the manure produced on Central Valley dairies with growers across California’s rich and diverse agricultural landscape. Topics will include an assessment of the surplus manure supply and the status of efforts to develop new technologies and markets for value-added manure-based products.

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