Feed Management Dairy Tours October 26th

Are you wondering how to blend the best possible ration after a tough growing season?

Do you know your cost of production?



See how two Wisconsin dairies manage their feed storage and environmental compliances while optimizing forage quality, data tracking and more.

Engage in an over-the-lunch discussion with consultants and farm hosts.

Second Look Holsteins, Eden, WI               Vir-Clar Farms, Fond du Lac, WI


Yes! a forage diet of only corn silage and Western dry hay can be successful.

·     FeedWatch tracks feed inventory as well as dry matter and ration changes.

·     Pile densities, face temperatures and FeedWatch accuracy reports are monitored and communicated with employees to produce a quality feed product.

·     Feed pad collects 100% run-off.

See the innovative feed system tailor-made for their dairy

·     TMR Tracker allows them to manage feed inventory and monitor feed costs.

·     A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the feed kitchen controls bin ingredients and mixing commands; data is automatically relayed from the stationary mixer to the feed truck for delivery; delivery verification follows.

·     Collected leachate is first sent to the digester and then to the lagoon.



Registration Information:

Date: Thur., Oct. 24, 2019

Time Depart: 9:30 a.m.

Time Return: 4:00 p.m.

Registration Fee: $79 Members; $200 non members

Depart from:

Radisson Hotel and Conference Center

625 W. Rolling Meadows Dr, Fond du Lac

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