#FeedHygiene Twitter Q&A

Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 2:00 - 3:30 PM Central Time

Have feed hygiene questions after seeing the 2018 corn crop? Join us on Twitter, Wednesday, November 28th from 2:00 - 3:30 PM Central Timeusing the hashtag #FeedHygiene to ask questions of Dr. John Goeser of Rock River Laboratory, and Associate Professor and UW Extension Specialist Dr. Damon Smith. Over the course of an hour and a half, they will answer questions, submitted by those participating, from the @Field_updates handle (John Goeser will take over for Rock River Laboratory) and the @badgercropdoc handle (Damon L. Smith). Questions will be answered as they are seen and not all questions may be answered, but where feasible, there will be additional information shared after the chat.

To participate:

  • You must have a Twitter account.
  • Utilize #feedhygiene when submitting questions and to follow along with responses.
  • Questions should be focused on feed hygiene of the 2018 corn crop.
  • Questions that are asked during the event using #feedhygiene will be responded to with a mention of the person who asked and in some cases a time stamp to follow the conversation (in addition to including #feedhygiene)
  • Participants are welcome to send in questions prior to the event, in addition to asking during the Q & A event.
  • All early questions can be sent to buffy_uglow@rockriverlab.com. @Field_Updates will present these questions in between others being asked in the chat, and respond to them by referencing the number associated with the question as it is tweeted.
  • Follow @Field_updates and @badgercropdoc to see more information on this event as the date approaches.

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