First Meeting of Producer Advisory Committee



The new Producer Advisory Committee (PAC) held its first face-to-face meeting with the CDCB Board in December. During the joint Board session, PAC members received a December evaluation report, plans for the April 2020 evaluations, and a research progress report from Paul VanRaden, USDA-AGIL Industry Liaison.

PAC members also met with CDCB staff to learn CDCB priorities, methods and activities, while detailing their own questions about frequency of base changes, genomic evaluations for crossbreds and reasons for recent changes in fertility evaluations.

Preliminary recommendations from the PAC to the CDCB Board included:

  • Enhance communication to increase dairy producer awareness of CDCB’s role and actions, including more articles in dairy media and CDCB speakers at existing conferences
  • Consider adoption of annual genetic base change instead of current five-year policy



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