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Trending Health Concerns in Dairy and Beef Calves: What You Should Know Now

Managing the health of your youngstock is an integral part of any successful dairy or beef operation. A growing threat to Central NY producers is Salmonella Dublin, presenting in calves as high fevers and respiratory problems and resulting in high mortality rates. Beef and dairy producers alike should be on the look out for this escalating organism that has the potential to effect producer’s health as well.



On Wednesday March 27th from 12pm to 3pm at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, Melanie Hemenway from NY State Cattle Health Assurance Program will inform producers on what to look for, costs, management and prevention practices associated with Salmonella Dublin. Additional agenda items will include other trending health concerns in calves, as well as, updates to FDA’s plan to judicially monitor antibiotic use in farm animals.

Reservations required by March 25th by calling 315-736-3394 ext. 132. Reservations allow us to contact you in the event of cancellations.

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