Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference set for June 12 and 13

University of Minnesota Extension

The virtual 2020 4 State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference is fast approaching on June 10. All presentations will be recorded and available to participants for 60 days after the conference.

Adisseo’s pre-conference symposium will focus on how amino acid balancing will improve cow performance. Dr. Johan Osorio, South Dakota State University, will cover amino acid balancing in transition cows. Dr. Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech. will talk about important amino acids beyond just lysine and methionine. Dr. Milo Wiltbank, University of Wisconsin, will be discussing the present reality and future prospects of functional amino acids, especially in reproduction.



The first Four State session will focus on factors to improve animal health and performance. Dr. Nigel Cook, University of Wisconsin discuss practical steps to prevent lameness. Dr. Kevin Harvatine, Penn State University, will examine how daily and seasonal rhythms impact cow performance and Dr. Mike Steele, University of Guelph, will talk about nutritional regulation of gut health and development by colostrum and milk in calves.

The second session will focus on maximizing profit from bull calves. Dr. Dan Schaefer, University of Wisconsin will teach participants how to realize the full value of Holstein and Holstein cross steers. Bill Munns, JBS USA will discuss the science behind purebred Holstein beef and Chip Kemp, ASA, will cover how to use data to select profit focused beef bulls for a crossbreeding in Holstein herds.

Select breakout topics include:

  • Barn design for Automatic milking systems
  • Maximizing milk fat yield
  • Nutritional regulation of gut health and development, weaning and beyond
  • How to apply body condition score during transition to improve reproductive efficiency
  • Using MUN to manage protein feeding
  • Does feeding rumen protected amino acids during stress help?
  • Clean feed: optimizing health and nutrition
  • Lessons learned from the 2019 growing season
  • Optimizing fertility using sexed semen

For details and to register, visit or contact Jim Salfer at or 320-203-6093. The conference registration fee this year is $75. This conference is a collaborative effort of Iowa State University Extension, University of Illinois Extension, University of Minnesota Extension and University of Wisconsin-Extension.


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