From the farm to the final product

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After moving to Oklahoma from England, the Casons started their dream of farming

From the farm to the final product, the Cason family is there the entire way.

Owner of Farm Sweet Farm LLC, Nina Cason and her family, husband Jeff and children Sofia, 12, Evie, 8, and Henry, 6, milk their goats and then create soap and lotion products from the milk. After moving to Oklahoma from England, the Casons started their dream of farming.

She says the decision has been a successful one.“We began to pursue our goal of being food self-sufficient,” Nina Cason said. “We were raising goats for milk, and after making cheese, ice cream, buttermilk, yogurt and more, we still had an abundance of milk. I had made soap for our family for several years and decided to make it pretty enough to sell and use up some of our extra goat milk.”

“Our first market season we began with 300 bars of soap,” she said, “and I thought if no one buys it, our friends and family will get it all for Christmas. However, it sold, and it went fast. I spent the entire season making soap and lotion as fast as I could, selling out as soon as it was made. We ended up selling thousands of bars of soap that first year and have continued to build on that.”

The Casons attend craft markets and shows, sell at the Broken Arrow Farmers Market and sell their products both resale and wholesale across northeast Oklahoma.

“We offer a wide variety of fragrances, including lavender, honeysuckle, lumberjack and cowboy,” Cason said. “We are always adding new fragrances, which our customers love. It’s always fun to see what new fragrances we have. We also carry a range of activated charcoal goat milk soap.”

Although it’s a business, it’s a farm first and foremost.

“We love to talk to people about our products and always have photos of our goats, so customers can see where the products came from,” she said.

Cason said her short-term goal is to continue to expand, adding other farmers markets, more retail outlets and to outgrow the current facilities. Long term, the family wants to keep true to their roots, making soap and lotion in handmade batches with milk from their own goats but scaling up to become a well-established national brand.

Established in 2016, Farm Sweet Farm LLC joined the Made in Oklahoma Program this year. To learn more about the business, visit or find the company on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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