Future dairy farmer gets an en-light-ening experience

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For Uilleam Harper, giving back to the community is nothing new. But this 11-year-old Luther Burbank sixth-grader will be getting a bit of a reward this time. Uilleam will get to turn on the lights at Lancaster’s tree lighting ceremony, Friday, Dec. 1.

Uilleam has been showing dairy cows at the Bolton Fair for five years as part of 4-H. His family (his father is Steve Harper) used to own a dairy farm in Lancaster, he is said he enjoys continuing the family tradition. The prize money he earns, he always gives back.

“This is my hometown, you are supposed to support your hometown,” Uilleam said. Most years, he has given the money back to the Bolton Fair. This year, Uilleam decided to give to Oil for Seniors, in Lancaster, as did other 4-H members.

“The (donation jar) for senior oil was so higher, but we thought we could get it even higher,” he said.

“I am very proud of him,” said his mother, Colleen. “He’s made up his own mind each year who to give money to.”

Peggy Corbett leads Lancaster’s 4-H.

“Uilleam has the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met. If you ask him how long he has been in 4H, he will say I was born into it. He is always the first to jump up and say he will help as soon as I mention we have a service project to do, never minding what it will be or when,“Corbett said. “Most kids keep track of every thing they do and log in any moment they can to get it counted as community service, but not Uilleam. Time is never an issue. He will be the first to be there and go above and beyond what is expected … He always thinks of everyone else before himself.”

“He was so concerned about why some seniors couldn’t have heat if it was needed. For him it became, ‘how I can change this,’“Corbett said.

“It is pretty awesome, and not something everyone gets to do,” he said. “I always wanted to do it, but didn’t think I would get the chance.”

Uilleam invited others to join 4-H if they live in the area.

“It leads to good careers,” he said.


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