Gain Insight from Industry Experts at the Inaugural California Dairy Sustainability Summit

Join us November 27-28 at the Sacramento Convention Center to be a part of an important discussion about California’s world-leading achievements in sustainable dairy farming. To learn more, visit

Featured Panel: Dairy’s Role in a Healthy and Sustainable Diet

Nourishing a growing population while conserving natural resources is of local and global concern, and this idea of sustainable nutrition requires further consensus science to guide future recommendations. At Dairy Council of California’s sustainable nutrition session on November 27, find out about current science and research gaps as panelists explore nutrient density in the context of sustainable food production, green (including plant-based) eating and a healthy balance between people’s nutritional needs and the planet’s stewardship.

Cindy Schweitzer, PhD

Schweitzer Consulting LLC

Cindy’s organization provides nutrition and food science expertise to the food industry, including insights about complex diet-health relationships, translating scientific evidence and identifying research priorities. Cindy will highlight various food modeling research efforts aimed at identifying “ideal” dietary patterns that are nutritionally adequate and sustainable.

Katie Brown, Ed.D., RDN

SVP, Sustainable Nutrition
National Dairy Council

Katie is a passionate thought leader who leads a number of initiatives to educate people on the benefit of dairy to health and sustainable food systems. Katie will address questions on the nutrient density of dairy foods and its important contributions to healthy eating patterns, while spotlighting how dairy is under consumed in the U.S. and many parts of the world.

Marianne Smith Edge, MS, RDN, LD, FADA, FAND

Founder and Principal
The AgriNutrition Edge

Marianne, a recognized nutrition and sustainability thought leader, works with commodity groups and the food industry on the relationship between sustainability, diet, and health. Marianne will discuss consumer perceptions and expectations around eating, as well as focus on how solving food waste can ensure the availability of nutritious food for our growing population.

Lynn Giacomini Stray

COO and Co-Owner
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheeses Co.

Lynn is an active member of sustainable agriculture organizations aimed at preserving land and farming, including the Marin Agricultural Land Trust and the Agricultural Institute of Marin. In addition to highlighting sustainability efforts at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co., Lynn will share strategies that dairy farmers have implemented to decrease the environmental burden of producing dairy, improve animal care, and conserve resources.

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