GFE Conference May 27-29, 2020 Fort Worth, Texas Postponed

Time to Call the Game

We’ve been working hard on contingency plans this past week. Although much is still uncertain, the most important thing is now clear – it’s time to call off the game as currently scheduled. The Grassfed Exchange 2020, scheduled for May 27-29, is hereby postponed.

It’s increasingly clear that the storm is going to get worse before it gets better, it’s very likely to still be raining at game time, and most importantly, staying home is the one thing each of us can do to actually dampen the storm’s impact. Even though the end of May is 10 weeks away, we have to hope for the best but plan for the worst.

Therefore, we will close registrations effective immediately and begin the refund process. Those of you who have already registered will get an email from our registration system soon.

Beyond that, full details of what happens next still need to be worked out. As of now, it looks like we’ll be just kicking things back 1 year to May 2021, but much is in flux. So stay tuned for more info in the coming days and week.

Meanwhile, stay well out there! This storm still looks ugly, and we hope you all find a safe spot to hunker down until it blows by. We pray that your families and your businesses weather well the coming storm.

Russ Conser
President, The Grassfed Exchange

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