GoatThroat Pumps Secures Representation and Distribution Partnership

GoatThroat Pumps Secures Representation and Distribution Partnership With AAMS-Salvarani for Agricultural Pump Sales in Europe

Both companies scheduled to co-present newest pump innovation at Agritechnica conference in Hannover, Germany.

GoatThroat Pumps (https://www.goatthroat.com/) recently announced it had secured a mutually beneficial partnership with Belgian-based agri-business company AAMS-Salvarani (www.aams.be). AAMS-Salvarani will represent GoatThroat Pumps as a major European distributor, a significant expansion of the innovative U.S.-based pump company into the global marketplace. Both GoatThroat Pumps and AAMS-Salvarani will present the new GT-QS Closed Transfer Dosing Systems pump in the upcoming Agritechnica exhibition, scheduled for November 10th–16thin Germany.

“We are extremely excited and pleased by this joint venture between GoatThroat Pumps and AAMS-Salvarani,” said Nancy Westcott, President of GoatThroat Pumps. “It’s a major evolution for us, moving into the European market and working with a company we deeply respect. Our engineers have worked very hard on this unique new pump, and they look forward to presenting the GT-QS to a wide audience at the upcoming Agritechnica event. Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology, so it’s exactly the type of exposure our engineers deserve.”

GT-QS Closed Transfer Dosing Systems: Overview

The GT-QS is a hand operated or pneumatic system that dispenses chemicals from containers and industry-standard drums from an upright position. With no chance for spills, the GT-QS works for all PPP containers, including both 10 and 20 liter, and for all barrels up to 210 liters.

Each system comes complete with every item needed to move liquids from the source container, through measuring and into the mix tank, with a simple triple-rinse set up. Different QS-CTDS base connections are available for all plant protection product containers; including five, ten, and 20-liter containers, for all 120 and 210-liter, and Micromatic. The pump head can be transferred between multiple containers and/or different liquids for efficient dosing and mixing of plant protection products.



This self-contained low-pressure device can be operated by hand like a beer tap, or with a pneumatic device upgrade intended for larger volumes. Dosing accuracy is guaranteed at better than 1 percent, with precision valves and sight measuring devices that feature either 10 ml or 50 ml increments depending on the model. Containers always remain in upright positions, preventing spill hazards. And triple rinsing meets a 99.9 percent cleanliness standard. So far there have been some systems on the European market to prevent spills but those never could guarantee a high dosing accuracy. That’s where we see our benefit by which we soon hope to acquire a firm place in this particular market.

GT-QS Closed Transfer Dosing Systems: Features

  • Operates in the upright position, for maximum safety and elimination of spills; waste prevention also protects expensive plant concentrates.
  • Dispenses liquids at a controlled rate; adjustable flow rates, ranging from drops all the way to 17-liters per minute, for accuracy.
  • Measuring devices offered with 10 to 50 ml increments that deliver better than 1.0 percent accuracy.
  • Works with all container styles and sizes; one pump head can be switched between multiple containers for greater efficiency in loading and mixing.
  • All connections are dry break, with less than 0.10 ml spillage at each disconnect.
  • OSHA and EPA compliance.

GoatThroat pumps are safe for use with more than 1,700 liquids, including the most aggressive acids, flammables and solvents currently used in manufacturing. GoatThroat pumps have engineered controls that prevent most of the commonly occurring fluid hazards at the point-of-use, eliminating the need for dangerous tip-and-pour barrel transfer techniques. The pumps are also crafted to last 10 years or more, ensuring that they are a long-term pumping solution.



Sustainability and Stewardship: A GoatThroat Pumps Commitment

With a growing economic, environmental and social awareness in the crop-protection sector, GoatThroat Pumps feels morally obliged to do its part by creating tools and materials to assist other sector partners. This is achieved by helping to train and inform growers, present and future operators, and helping inform decision makers on how best to make better and safer applications. AAMS-Salvarani shares this overall commitment by helping to optimize the overall effectiveness of used inputs to avoid spillage and pollution, helping to preserve a clean and intact environment while keeping food production safe.

About AAMS-Salvarani

Founded in Belgium in 2002, AAMS Salvarani represents a merging of the efforts of two major European agri-businesses: A.A.M.S. and Salvarani Sri from Italy. AAMS-Salvarani works as a unified team in the field of agricultural technology, providing a wide range of unique product solutions for the inspection and calibration of spraying equipment. AAMS-Salvarani works closely with research institutes, universities, and producers of agricultural machinery to help develop and provide the most progressive measuring and testing machinery available. Learn more at: www.aams.be

About GoatThroat Pumps

Based in Milford, Conn., GoatThroat Pumps develops and manufactures high-quality chemical transfer equipment, with a focus on improving worker safety and global environmental compliance. GoatThroat’s fluid-friendly pumps are the safest, most reliable, and easiest way to accurately transfer any liquid. Off the shelf and custom configured pumps, fittings and accessories are fluid specific, meet compatibility requirements and are designed as turnkey solutions for all transfer applications. Equipment categories include Chemical and Food Applications, Flammable Liquids, Agriculture, TRI Reporting and Pneumatic Systems. Learn more at: https://www.goatthroat.com/industries/agriculture/.

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