Green Markets Delivers New Insights on Specialty Product Markets

Specialty fertilizer markets continue to expand with the advent of new and advanced plant nutrient products. Varieties of biostimulant, controlled release, micronutrient, humic, and new, undefined product categories lead to many questions around the industry.

It is within this exciting transformation that Green Markets, provider of independent fertilizer pricing, industry news, and market analysis, announces its fourth annual Specialty Fertilizer Global Summit on December 13, 2018 in New Orleans, LA.
The SPECIALTY FERTILIZER GLOBAL SUMMIT 2018 offers fertilizer manufacturers, distributers and wholesalers, agronomists, entrepreneurs, and the investment community valuable insight into emerging technologies that will change the market, and into what product categories are having the greatest impact.
SPECIALTY FERTILIZER GLOBAL SUMMIT 2018 coverage and faculty includes:

Global Market Outlook for Slow/Controlled-Release Fertilizers: Priyanka Khemka, Nexant

Trends in Specialty Product Development: Chris Underwood, Hocking International Laboratories

National Trends in Specialty Fertilizers: Nick Young,  California Department of Food and Agriculture

Micronutrient Market Determination: Dale Edgington, Advanced Micronutrient Products

SOP Market Update and Price Forecasts: Christopher Perrella, Bloomberg Intelligence

HPTA Testing Methodology and Humic Market Outlook: Russell Taylor, Live Earth Products

Integrating Value-Added Products Into Fertilizer Blending Systems: Jeff Ivan, AGI – Yargus

Organic Crop Inputs for Increased Nutrient Absorption: Richard Kamolvathin, GroGenesis

The Latest Thinking On Biostimulant Markets: Jon Leman, Italpollina

Developing Bioferts That Are More Effective With Synthetics: Jane Fife, 3Bar Biologics

A New Category of Crop Inputs to Enhance Plant Productivity: Travis Bayer, Sound Agriculture

R&D Efforts Using Nano-Biotechnology to Improve Uptake: Dr. Carlos Monreal, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Attendees are eligible for 9 CCA Nutrient Management CEUs.
Registration is available for $895, and includes access to all sessions, breakfast, luncheon, and networking cocktail reception.  Please visit the Green Markets website at for registration options and full agenda information.
In addition to the SPECIALTY FERTILIZER GLOBAL SUMMIT, Green Markets is offering a learning opportunity designed for the fertilizer company compliance, legal and operations professions, as a pre-conference event: The Fertilizer Labeling Workshop.
Staying up to date on the latest fertilizer labeling rules and meeting those obligations efficiently is important for everyone on the manufacturing side of the industry. The Fertilizer Labeling Workshop offers clarity on the current rules and idiosyncrasies of effective, compliant labeling. And NEW for this 2018 Workshop: guidance on the quickly emerging policies and potential regulation of biostimulant products!
Fertilizer Labeling Workshop Topics include:
  • The Basics of Proper Fertilizer Labeling
  • The Idiosyncrasies of Labeling Across all States
  • Overcoming the Challenge of “Beneficial Substances” Labeling
  • Updates on Biostimulant Labeling Regulation
Workshop registration is available for $97, and includes the option to bring your branded or anonymous labels to be evaluated and discussed among a group of experienced, seasoned professionals. To register, please visit the Green Markets website at
SPECIALTY FERTILIZER GLOBAL SUMMIT 2018 would like to thank its sponsors, Corteva Agriscience, MET – Marsulex Environmental Technologies, American Plant Food Corporation, Applied Chemical Technology, Hocking International Labs, The Andersons, BioLine, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, Fer-Land, Cameron Micronutrients, and Surface Chemists.
Green Markets is the most trusted, widely read publication for fertilizer business news, analysis and market activities for over 40 years.
Green Markets delivers over 350 fertilizer price assessments each week plus market reports that provide detailed insight on pricing trends.  Along with weekly intelligence services, Green Markets offers proprietary fertilizer market research and analysis, custom data services, in-person events, and confidential Advisory Services.

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