Green Source Automation Offers Milker Robotics

Futures? Exports? Tariffs? Cycles? Lower fluid milk demand?  Since the beginning of the industrial era, it has been commonly accepted that the price of milk will be cyclical.  The theory had always been that dairies needed to make hay while the sun shines and save up for a rainy day.


While the fundamentals of dealing with a downturn will never change, low milk prices do have the effect of separating the best-managed dairies from the rest.  It is what these businesses do in the hard times that sets them up to be in the best position to take advantage of the good times.  What is the greatest habit that these dairies exhibit?  They are not afraid to make sound decisions that aren’t affected by today’s milk price.  They invest when others scale back, and they are constantly hunting for ways to become more efficient.

They also look to other industries for inspiration.  A shining example of a similar industry is gas and oil.  It was not that long ago that the oil industry was enjoying record prices for oil, but when the price dropped, the impact to oil companies was devastating.  It forced them to look at the best ways to control their costs, and they found their solution in automation.  Because of their rapidly changing industry (and dairy is no different), operators have come to realize that they cannot survive, let alone thrive, using yesterday’s technologies.  They know that they need to innovate or die, and they have made major investments in the last few years in automation, data management, and artificial intelligence.  This has not only allowed for them to survive during downturns, but their ability to recover in good times is accelerated.

Green Source Automation is a pioneer in automating aspects of the dairy industry.  From our conception in 2004 until now, we have embraced our role in promoting automation in the industry and have enjoyed watching what started as a vision evolve into an integral part of the most efficient dairies in operation today.  Our earliest pioneering partners have had robots on their dairies for almost 12 years now.  They have saved an average of 1 million dollars in labor at this point, and they are still running today.

“We take our role in increasing the economic health of our clients seriously,” said James Frias, co-founder of GSA.  “With the success that we have enjoyed over the last few years, we are constantly working to improve and enhance our systems.  Over the last year we have made significant advancements in improving and upgrading our RotaryMATE systems.  ”  Improvements such as the newest Visi-MAX vision system do just that.  Not only does this new system have greater resolution, allowing for better performance, the entire system was redesigned with an approach to minimize failures, and maximize uptime.


“We cannot afford to sit back and think that what we designed yesterday will be good enough for tomorrow.  Even in these challenging times, we will never let a soft economy sway how we make decisions about improving our solutions for our customers.”

There are many factors that affect  the bottom line of dairymen throughout the industry, and we continue to be impressed by the way Green Source customers continuously improve their businesses by investing in their future and driving more profits for the long-run.
If you are ready to take that next step, contact us today for free engineering consultation for your new build or a retrofit application, or to schedule a barn visit to see Green Source Automation robots in action.

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