Growing Great People: Training Skills for Dairy Farmers

Cornell University

Become an Effective On-The-Job Trainer

The four hands-on regional training workshops “Growing Great People: Training Skills for Dairy Farmers. Become an Effective On-The-Job Trainer” scheduled in April by Cornell Ag Workforce Development in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension are being rescheduled as online webinars. Separate webinars will be held in English and Spanish: April 14 – English | 6:30 to 8:00 PM and April 16 – Spanish | 12:00 to 1:30 PM. Participation is free and registration is not required. The webinars will be recorded and available after the event. In-person trainings conducted simultaneously in English and Spanish will be rescheduled in fall.

Effective trainings contribute to success of employees and the farm business. With training employees learn how to best complete their task and why it is important to the farm’s success. When employees have the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to do the job right and understand why it should be done this way it:

  • saves time and avoids problems
  • makes people feel important and involved, which keeps them engaged and reduces employee turnover



The webinar trainings will overview the learning system of:

TELL: Describe the procedure and why it is important

SHOW: Demonstrate the procedure and emphasize key points

DO: Allow the learner to try and answer any questions

REVIEW: Are the steps in the procedure done correctly?

After the webinar trainings you will be able to:

  1. Plan for organized and effective trainings
  2. Train in a way that works for most people
  3. Measure and follow up to make sure learning happened

 These trainings are supported by a grant from the New York Farm Viability Institute.

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