Guidelines For the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

Bob Gray, Northeast Dairy Farmer Cooperatives

The guidelines are posted (see link below) that the USDA and Health and Human Services Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee will follow in developing dietary guidelines for Americans for the next five years. These guidelines are critical in determining the food utilized in school breakfast and lunch programs, elderly nutrition programs as well as hospital and military food programs.



The advisory panel of 20 total is larger than anticipated as 13 to 15 were expected to serve. So far, the Atkins Nutritionals, a food company that promotes a low carbohydrate diet is more hopeful that this panel will be more diverse in its viewpoints than past committees and be able to better assess diets with dairy and meat products as a healthy part of every-day eating habits.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association was quick to commend the make-up of the new panel. There are a lot of new fresh faces so it will take some time to determine how they will take on the tasks they are charged with.

The dietary guidelines are expected out this fall.

Click for guidelines (PDF)

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