Gundersen testifies before House committee on combatting SNAP fraud


Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics professor Craig Gundersen testified on Sept. 26 at a joint subcommittee hearing of the House Oversight Committee on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The federal aid program offers nutritional assistance to eligible, low-income individuals and families, and the hearing focused on ways to combat program fraud and more effectively assist states in the program’s administration.

Gundersen, the Soybean Industry Endowed Professor in Agricultural Strategy in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences at University of Illinois, is a leading expert in analyzing the causes and consequences of food insecurity and evaluating food assistance programs. During the hearing, he emphasized how SNAP has demonstrated significant success in reducing food insecurity, while conveying support for efforts to continue current investment in the tools that USDA and states need to reduce fraud and trafficking.

“For over fifty years, SNAP has been a shining example of a successful government program. Of greatest importance, it is asked to reduce food insecurity in the United States and it does—study after study has demonstrated this success. By reducing food insecurity, research has clearly demonstrated that this leads to improvements in health and reductions in mortality and health care costs,” Gundersen said during the hearing.

Read Gundersen’s testimony here or watch video of the hearing here.