Hands-on learning at Kings-Ransom Farm

4-H members took part in a physical examination on a cow, took vital signs

Pandora Davis, DVM observes 4-H member Tarrin Kuehner obtain vital signs on a cow. (Courtesy Photo)

25 youth from Saratoga County spent time at Kings-Ransom Farm, LLC on January 17th, 2018. The youth are participating in a 6-week Veterinary Science program through Saratoga County 4-H. The program serves as an introductory-level class focusing on animal sciences. Over the course of the program, participants explore the broad scope of veterinary medicine and animal health, meet local veterinarians, and explore industry jobs.


At Kings-Ransom Farm, which is a dairy farm owned by Jeff and Jan King with 900 milk cows, the youth worked hands-on with Pandora Davis, who is King’s wife as well as a local DVM. Davis brought the kids through a physical examination on a cow and then the group took turns obtaining vital signs on several cows inclusive of heart rates, temperatures, and listening to the rumen. The group finished up the lesson with cookies and glasses of King Brothers Dairy chocolate milk.

The Veterinary Science program is being run by Carter Older, 4-H Animal Science Educator of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County. 4-H is a Youth Development Program for children ages 5-18 that focuses on preparing young people to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. For more information on Saratoga County 4-H please visit http://ccesaratoga.org/4-H or call 518-885-8995.