Hardbarger appointed Pa. Milk Marketing Board secretary

PA Milk Marketing Board

Announcement made at the Board’s March 19 meeting

Carol Hardbarger will step down as the Board’s Consumer Member effective March 20, 2020, to assume the Secretary position.  Rob Barley, Board Chairman, made the following comments in announcing the decision at the Board’s March 19, 2020, Special Sunshine Meeting.

“It is with great disappointment that I announce Dr. Carol Hardbarger’s resignation as the Consumer Member of the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board.  In Carol’s short time she has been an unbiased voice for Pennsylvania consumers, Pennsylvania farmers, Pennsylvania milk dealers, and Pennsylvania retailers.  She has single-handedly reshaped the PMMB office culture and structure to perform as, she likes to say, a ‘well-oiled machine.’”

“However, it is with great excitement we announce that Dr. Hardbarger will be accepting the full-time Executive Secretary position of the PMMB.  The Board interviewed several candidates and felt that all would fall short of Carol’s high standard. Fellow Board member Jim Van Blarcom and myself were reluctant to make this choice, because we did not want to lose Carol’s leadership on the Board.  In the end, the decision was made in the best interest of the PMMB. We look forward to Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania Senate selecting an excellent candidate to replace Dr. Hardbarger as the Consumer Member.”


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