Have You Ever Felt Like…?

John Ellsworth

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John Ellsworth, Success Strategies

Have you ever felt defeated, like no matter what you did, you still couldn’t seem to get “ahead of the curve?” I am certain that every dairy producer has felt this way sometime between the end of 2014 and today. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this article, we will have seen a massive upturn in milk prices. However, in case that has not yet occurred or you are still playing “catch-up” on your bills, I offer you the following.

Here is some direct advice from my own business coach, Brendon Burchard. In a recent video that he released online (https://app.skipio.com/-73BSNC), he pointed out that it is OK to feel disappointed in your results, but as soon as the negative outcome strikes, allow it and then, ask yourself what you learned from the experience – about yourself, about others, and about the world. Next, we need to answer the question of “What can I do about it?”

So, as I outlined in my last article, what can we do about the lack of profitability in our industry? Two items come to mind for me. Once again, every successful producer will need to boost Feed Efficiency and Labor Efficiency. Can we boost our Energy Corrected Milk with the same or lower levels of Dry Matter Intake? This will be key, especially as we continue to compete for both land use and feed items in a global market.

Likewise, Labor Efficiency will continue to also be a major factor in your success. Can I produce the same milk with lower labor costs? Can I produce more milk per cow with less labor? Do robotic milkers have a role in boosting my labor efficiency?

Burchard goes on to point out after we list the things we learned about ourselves, others and the world, we need to take three action steps: 1.) Send an e-mail or meet with your Team and explain that you are sorry about the way the results turned out. 2.) Do three things – meditate, walk and exercise. This clears your mind. 3.) Then, get away and think about what positive changes you can make to improve your results.

Finally, he goes on to state that when you feel defeated, don’t focus on yourself. Does it sting? Of course, it does. As his mentor Dickie Fox stated in the movie Jerry Maguire, “Remember, tomorrow is another day!” Instead of brooding, challenge yourself (and your Team) again. It’s the only true way to break away from defeat.

Start reviewing your available options today. I would also invite you to check out our Strategic Gameplan Series at www.success-strategies.com. This can guide you to get back on track. There is no better time to start than the present moment. Think about it.

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