Hit the reset button with new thinking at the PDPW Business Conference


2020 PDPW
Business Conference
March 18 & 19, 2020
Alliant Energy Center | Madison, WI

With the agricultural and dairy industries at a crossroads, your flexibility and mental acuity are more critical to your success than ever. Join Holly Green and Michael Hoffman at the PDPW Business Conference where they will get in your head and reveal your mind's tendencies.



These experts will help you hit the reset button with new thinking, ideas and strategies. Everything starts with managing yourself first - and that means training your mind to manage the loads of data it picks up daily. Prepare to rejuvenate your business and expand your management skills with these two speakers.

Unharnessing your brain's potential
Spoiler alert: You are the biggest threat to your dairy. In this interactive session, you’ll discover the surprising ways in which your own brain works against you. Holly Green will shed light on the complexities of your brain’s tendencies so you can overcome your biological hardwiring. The practical tools she’ll share will equip you to make more effective choices and focus your business on success. Choose one of three breakout sessions offered at 2:30 pm, 3:45 pm and 5:00 pm, Wednesday, March 18.

Use your brain to win
Holly Green will also be in the Blue Learning Lounge in the Hall of Ideas on Wednesday at 10:15 am where she will discuss the latest in brain science techniques to better focus you and your business.

Ignite performance
Good news! It’s possible to change the culture and mindset within your team. Michael Hoffman will provide practical tips and techniques to help your team approach their work “on purpose.” By approaching your farm’s mission with tactical purpose, you'll build buy-in, improve team ownership, morale and loyalty. Join him on Thursday, March 19, 8:30 am.

Becoming a culture of Ownership
Join Michael Hoffman again in the Green Learning Lounge, in the Hall of Ideas, on Thursday, March 19th at 11:45 am where he will ignite your skills to inspire action and loyalty on your farm.

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