Holstein Assn updates its online transfer system

Holstein Association USA

Holstein Association USA’s online transfers continue to increase in popularity

Holstein Association USA is excited to announce new improvements and added features to its online transfer system. A seller can now enter multiple buyers when transferring a group of animals in a single online submission, which will be an especially welcome feature for sale managers. If an account number is provided for the buyer, it does a look up so buyer contact information is not required, and allows an animal name change request. For a video tutorial of the online transfer system, visit http://bit.ly/2Jy12RH.



“When we started work on our online transfer system, we wanted to give our customers a better experience submitting transfers online. The latest improvements will give our customers the ability to do multiple transfers in one seamless transaction and make the process easier,” says Bridget Cummings, Identification Services Manager.

Online transfers continue to increase in popularity with a free updated registration certificate provided to the new owner for each transfer submitted online.

A Holstein Association USA website log in must be established to use the online transfer application system. If you would like assistance setting up a log in, please contact customer service at 800.952.5200.



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