Holstein Association Adjusts TPI Formula

Holstein Association USAThe board of directors of Holstein Association USA at its recent meeting approved several recommendations made by the Genetic Advancement Committee regarding the Udder Composite, Feet and Legs Composite and TPI® formula.

Following is a summary of the approved recommendations, which are targeted for implementation with the August official genetic evaluation:
•        The traits included in the Udder Composite and Feet and Legs Composite have been updated as well as their weighting in the respective formulas, to reflect maximum economic returns. Of note, a negative weighting on STA Stature has been added to both of those composites to lower their relationship with stature, in response to concerns from the industry.
•        Several updates will be made to the TPI formula in August, including incorporating the updated composites as noted above. Other notable changes are updating the weighting of Protein, Fat and Feed Efficiency in the formula; adding the trait Cow Livability to the formula and moving some emphasis from Productive Life to Cow Livability; and updating the economic values used in Feed Efficiency to reflect those used in the Cheese Merit index.
•        The name of Body Size Composite will be changed to Body Weight Composite to more accurately reflect what the index is meant to predict. No other changes are being made to that composite other than the name.

More detailed information about these changes will be forthcoming and available on the Holstein Association USA website.