Holstein Association USA Adds Monthly Classification and Production Record Lists to Web Site

Holstein Association

Holstein Association USA has added two new features to the web site to help recognize outstanding Registered Holstein® cows and the people who breed them. New links have been added under the Popular Lists section on the Holstein Association USA homepage for Monthly Classification Summaries and 40,000+ Pound Production Records.

“With so many industry events being postponed or cancelled this year due to COVID-19, Association staff wanted to come up with new ways to help acknowledge the great achievements our members are continuing to attain with their Registered Holsteins,” said Lindsey Worden, Holstein Association USA Executive Director of Genetic Services. “We think these new reports will be of great interest to many and will showcase thousands of animals each month.”

On the Monthly Classification Summaries page, viewers will find lists by month of any cow who classified Very Good-85 or higher in that month, including cows who received a Multiple E designation, regardless of age. The report lists the animals’ names, age at time of classification, final score, sire name, owner name and owner state, and the report is sortable and searchable.

The 40,000+ Pound Production Records page is similar but includes all cows who have a completed lactation record of at least 40,000 pounds of milk that was received in the given month. The report lists the animals’ names, age at the start of lactation, milk, fat and protein information, sire name, owner name and owner state. The report is sortable and searchable.

For both new features, reports are available from January 2020 through present. The lists will be updated each month after classification and production record files are received and processed for the month.  

To view these new reports, navigate to www.holsteinusa.com, find the Popular Lists section at the lower left of the homepage, and you will find them both listed in that menu.

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