Holstein Association USA adjusts TPI formula

With the April 2020 dairy cattle genetic evaluations, Holstein Association USA will make updates to the Total Performance Index (TPI) Formula.



Key points are:

1. Modify the weightings of Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) Fat and PTA Protein PTA Fat and PTA Protein will now receive equal weighting of 19 percent.

2. Feed Efficiency formula is being updated This formula uses the most recent economic assumptions for Cheese Merit $, based on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) research.

3. Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) Health traits are now included Health traits, developed by CDCB, will be added: Milk Fever, Displaced Abomasum, Ketosis, Mastitis, Metritis and Retained Placenta. All traits are then combined into a Health Trait Index for an overall economic value.

4. Feet and Legs Composite (FLC) FLC formula is being modified to include Rear Legs – Side View as a two-way trait, having an intermediate optimum.

5. Fertility Index will now include a new trait – Early First Calving Total weighting on all fertility traits remains unchanged at 13 percent of TPI.

6. The weighting for Productive Life will increase by 1 percent The 1 percent was taken from Dairy Form.

7. Update standard deviations for existing traits Standard deviations are periodically updated to reflect changes made to genetic evaluations by Holstein Association USA and CDCB.

The new April 2020 TPI formula:





Using quality genetics is one of the best ways to lower production costs and achieve profitability, and the new April 2020 TPI formula will help meet that goal. Based on USDA economic values, an average daughter of a Top 100 TPI bull will generate $486 more net profit over her lifetime versus a typical daughter from an average available artificial insemination (AI) bull. The accompanying graph illustrates the sources of additional income. Higher production, good conformation and longer herd life, coupled with improved health, fertility and better calving, are all built into the new and improved TPI formula.

For more information on Holstein genetic evaluations, visit www.holsteinusa.com.

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