How to Prepare for Animal Rights Activists Coming to Your Dairy

Katelyn Lewis Western United Dairymen

Katelyn Lewis Western United Dairymen

Here in California this month, we are expecting an increase in demonstrations on dairy farms by so-called animal rights activists. Considering that, the Sheriff’s Department of Stanislaus County, suggests the following protocols for preparing your facility, your employees and your family.

 Here is what to do:

-Post “No Trespassing” signs VISIBLY every three miles and at every entrance (three on each side if you have a section.

-Reduce all unnecessary Rights of Way access points. Contact your local county sheriff’s office and they can help you determine if this is possible

-Designate an “activist agent” of your operations at EVERY shift. If a suspicious person is identified, your agent needs to be trained to know exactly what to do and to know your rights

-Report it to local law enforcement immediately for assistance.  Keep your local sherriff’s Phone/Dispatch/Watch Commander contact in your phone and posted at your facility

-Learn who they are and what their concerns are, respectfully

-Notify them that they are on private property and ask them to leave

-Get license plate numbers, take pictures or video record their vehicles

-Contact your cooperative, trade association, or milk handler

-Be aware that they will have cameras and/ or recorders possibly hidden

-Film the activists and their drones; you are legally allowed to do so and they definitely will be filming you. Protect your operation with counter-filming

Here’s what NOT to do:

-Be combative or use force

-Have a large group approach the activists

-Touch or shoot down drones – that’s illegal

-Bring more attention to their cause

These groups want to gain attention for their cause, gain supporters, and receive funding through donations. They appeal to the emotions of their followers, create controversy, and record it for promotion and publication through Social Media. The more comments and shares on Social Media the more attention they receive. They do not care about reason. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHARE, RE-POST, or ENGAGE THEIR CONTENT – EVER. It only creates more internet traffic for them and never helps us.

They need you to lose your “cool”, get emotional, angry, speak out and act out.  The larger the crowd the bigger the spectacle.  That’s free publicity.  Don’t give it to them.

This article is adapted from the newsletter of Western United Dairymen, Modesto, Calif.


  1. Can you please tell me what happens to all the male calves that are born? After the cows are past the age of getting pregnant and producing milk, what happens to them?

  2. Truth will out, and now that casein can be made in a lab, more people will switch to ethical products. Dairy is a dead industry walking.

  3. You only allowed that 1 comment with swearing in it to be published because it had spelling mistakes in. Trying to make people who care about this,i.e so called animal activists and environmentalists,look stupid and uneducated. Apart from the cruelty and suffering of animal agriculture, there’s lots of evidence showing that it’s killing our planet. What don’t people understand about there is no planet b. It’s all about the money involved and that’s not good enough. We cannot kill this planet just because the few in power are making a nice living out of it. Everybody has to wake up to the fact that we’ve been given 12 years to change our ways. We could grow enough food to end world hunger and not kill the planet in the process if animals were cut out of our food chain. The evidence is out there- do your research people and let’s save this planet before it’s too late.

  4. What are you trying to hide? Violent sexual exploitation? Ripping mothers and babies apart? Hell on earth? Shame on the dairy industry, you disgust me. For anyone who wants to learn the truth about dairy watch Dairy is Scary on YouTube.

  5. We hear more and more stories of dairy farmers leaving the business because the work doesn’t align with their morals. The truth is, dairy is passé. We know the cruelty involved at every step of the production process, we know the adverse health effects of dairy, and we’re getting the facts out to everyone who will listen.

    Dairy farmers should transition to plant-based farming. Imagine the world we could create if all the dairy lobbyists focused their edforts on plant-based businesses. What a wonderful thing this would be!

  6. Please refrain from using profanity in your comments. In the interest of allowing comment from everyone, we published one of the below comments, but will not continue to do so unless you can make your point without using this language.

  7. I dont even know where to start. Its not a cause, its a life. People are switching because the truth of dairy is out there. We woke the f*** up and realized how stupid as humans we were to ever be ok with enslaving & torturing beautiful loving creatures who if had a voice would say no to this. Dairy is not even ment[sic] for our bodies, its another species. Dairy is about money and making people sick with diseases for more money. Money money MONEY! Thats all. And yet all it perpetuates is harm, seperation,tourcure[sic], depression, illness, destruction, poverty, disaster and the list goes on. You have got to be f***ed in the head if you could know this true fact about the dairy industry and want to support that!

    • Agreed. The dairy industry is dying. The government should be subsidizing these “farmers” to help them transition into plant based milk producers. If they care about money at all (because they don’t care about the animals they exploit) they will get out of this business as soon as possible.

  8. It might be a whole lot easier if you would just stop this Dairy thing. People see how cruel it is, how incredibly wrong it is. And you do too.

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