How Will Executives and HR Leaders Approach COVID-19 and Other Top Challenges?


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Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of ingenuity, sound judgement, and effective communication from leaders has been more pronounced than ever. Today’s executives and leaders in human resources are balancing the demands of ensuring a safe and productive workforce amidst a pandemic, while simultaneously continuing to attract and retain future leaders, increase inclusivity and diversity, and foster positive workplace cultures.
Join IDFA’s The Power of People conference this fall for an inside look at how fellow industry executives and chief people officers have dealt with the challenges posed by COVID-19 as well as the opportunities that are provided through today’s innovative people practices.
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Two featured panels at The Power of People will allow participants to hear from dairy industry leaders. “Leadership Learnings in Time of Crisis” will feature: Ron Dunford, President & CEO, Schreiber Foods, Inc.; Yin Woon Rani, CEO, MilkPEP; Patricia D. Stroup, Global Vice President and Head of Commodities, Nestle S.A.; and Stan Ryan, President & CEO, Darigold, Inc. IDFA President and CEO Michael Dykes, D.V.M., will moderate this interactive and thought-provoking discussion on how leaders in the dairy industry responded to the recent COVID-19 crisis.


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