How Will the COVID-19 Blackout Affect My Pesticide License?

Is your pesticide license due to expire on March 31? If you still need credits, or have not yet renewed your license, don’t panic! The deadline is being extended.

Renewing Your License
If you’ve obtained all your necessary credits and have not yet renewed your license, the Department of Agriculture is strongly recommending that applicators renew their license online. Offices in Harrisburg are closed, so any renewals sent through the mail will not be processed until offices open. Once open, there will be a backlog of paperwork to complete and your renewal will be delayed. To renew your license (paying with a credit card), visit the PA Plants homepage.

The first step would be to register on the PaPlants site. In order to do that, you will need your PaPlants ID and PIN numbers. Your PaPlants ID and PIN are printed on your renewal form. If you do not see your PaPlants ID and PIN on your form, that means you’ve already created a username and password to access your account at some point. If you do not know your username, email to retrieve it. To login or register, click on Logon/Register at the bottom left of the screen.

Once you have registered and selected your user name and password, you will be able to login to the site.



From there, you will have access to your account, and can view past attended meetings, renew your license, etc. Here is an example of a screen where an applicator can renew their license:

Renewal fees for your license are processed with a credit card payment. The beauty of this system is that your renewal is processed automatically. You will receive your new license as soon as the PDA offices open back up in Harrisburg.

Hopefully, these opportunities allow you to obtain the credits you need to keep your pesticide license current. If you have any questions regarding your license, please contact 717-772-5231 or


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