I-29 Moo University Summer Tour Reminder


Summer 1-29 Moo University Dairy Tour

August 3rd, 2018

“Treat Me Right” Implementing Best Management Practices

Now is your chance to gain valuable training for you and your employees.

The upcoming I-29 Moo University Dairy Tour, Friday, August 3rd, will be highlighting best management practices on Boadwine Farms and Crosswind Jerseys during the “Treat Me Right” Implementing Best Management Practices Summer Tour.

During the tour you will learn about:

· Group pain mitigation when disbudding and processing calves.

· Discuss farm biosecurity practices

· Low-stress cow handling

· Newborn calf care SOP’s

· Proper euthanasia techniques

· Discuss handling non-ambulatory animals to ensure animal health and welfare along with employee safety.

· An overview of both Dairy Operations.

As a side note, you can also utilize this to meet some of your F.A.R.M. employee training requirements while obtaining example S.O.P.’s for your operation. Certificates of attendance will be offered.

Registration is $25 per person and groups of three or more from the same operation receive a 30% discount.

Registration and details online at: