Idaho dairy farmers back immigrant legal services

The Community Council of Idaho’s newly formed immigration legal services program, Familias Unidas, recently received backing from the Idaho Dairymen’s Association with a financial award to assist with services for migrant families. Familias Unidas provides social and legal assistance to Idaho’s immigrant workforce community.

A check for $60,000 was presented as part of the IDA’s November Board meeting, which took place in Boise. “We strongly believe in supporting these services which are important to the workforce on dairies throughout Idaho,” said Rick Naerebout, CEO. “These families are important contributors to Idaho’s economy and vital to our dairy industry,” he added.

Community Council of Idaho’s mission is to assist immigrant families by providing support and counseling in the following areas:

* Housing

* Health Clinics

* Migrant & Seasonal Head Start

* Workforce Preparation

* Immigration Legal Services

“Familias Unidas is excited about this partnership with the IDA which will allow us to expand and offer services to more individuals in the state. We hope this is a first step to a long-lasting relationship with IDA and its employees,” said Brandy Perez, Familias Unidas Program Director.

Immigrant-led households in Idaho paid $306.7 million in federal taxes and $188.6 million in state and local taxes.

Additionally, immigrant entrepreneurs in Idaho account for 5.3 percent of all self-employed Idaho residents and generated $104.2 million in business income.

The IDA acknowledges the success and growth of Idaho’s dairy industry was not achievable without the contributions of a predominantly Hispanic workforce. These hardworking, family-oriented individuals have toiled beside our dairy farm families for generations to help build the industry we are today. The IDA believes that one of its most impactful social initiatives revolves around promoting and protecting these talented employees and their families. Our contribution to CCI’s Immigration Legal Services is the latest in our efforts to advocate on behalf of a very critical part of Idaho’s community.

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