Idaho milk processors award 2018 IMPA Scholarships

The Idaho Milk Processors
Association has awarded scholarships to seven U.S. college students studying food or dairy science. Funded by Idaho Milk Processors Association, the scholarship program recognizes high-achieving students and provides them with $2,000 each to support their ongoing education expenses.

Announced at IMPA’s annual conference Aug. 9-10 in Sun Valley, Idaho, the scholarship recipients for the 2018-19 academic year are:

* Jennifer Domanski — Entering her senior year at South Dakota State University, Domanski is majoring in dairy manufacturing with a minor in food safety. She hails from Grand Rapids, Mich., and after graduation will accept a position with Continental Dairy Facilities in Coopersville, Mich.

* David Doxey — A second-year master’s student in food science at Brigham Young University, Doxey has served as president of the BYU Food Science Club, participated in the IMPA New Product Competition, and interned at Glanbia and DairiConcepts. With his desire for continued learning, Doxey plans to pursue a career in R&D and become an expert in dairy foods functionality.

* Kate Hartmann — Hartmann earned a bachelor’s degree in food science from Brigham Young University in 2017 and is pursuing a master’s degree there. An IMPA New Product Competition participant and active member of BUILD Dairy, she interned in R&D at DairiConcepts and currently works as a research assistant in BYU’s Food Science Department. Hartmann looks forward to making valuable contributions to her community and industry as an innovative dairy food scientist.

* Ivy Kloepfer — Majoring in food science with a minor in pre-health studies, Kloepfer is entering her senior year at University of Idaho. Kloepfer served as president of the UI Food Science Club, is committed to a career in the dairy industry, and has a passion for developing new, innovative, safe dairy foods.

* Heather Nicholson — Starting her senior year in food science at Utah State University, Nicholson is the granddaughter of a dairy farmer. She has participated in IMPA’s New Product Competition several times and plans to pursue a career in dairy processing focused on new product development.

* Han Si — Entering her senior year at South Dakota State University, Si is majoring in dairy manufacturing with a minor in French. She is from China and aspires to work in a dairy processing plant after graduation.

* Austin Thomas — Austin is beginning his senior year in food science at Utah State University with a minor in operations management and plans to pursue a master’s degree after graduation. Ultimately Thomas hopes to continue a distinguished family tradition of leadership in the dairy industry by managing a dairy plant in southern Idaho.

“We are providing these valuable scholarships supporting students as they pursue their education and future careers in the dairy industry,” IMPA board member and Idaho Milk Products CEO Daragh Maccabee said. “And frankly, we couldn’t be more pleased with this year’s crop of exceptional recipients. My fellow Idaho Milk Processors Association officers and I are certain our scholarship winners will help positively transform their communities and the dairy industry in the years to come.”


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