IDF study on Global Dairy Marketing Trends released


IDF announced the release of its new report "Global Marketing Trends – Understanding Changes in Global Dairy Consumption”.

Now in its second edition, the 2020 report provides a global snapshot of marketing trends within the dairy sector. It highlights the impact of emerging trends and technologies on the future of dairy and covers a cross-section of product categories including liquid milk, butter and ghee, cheese, yoghurt, cream and ice cream, providing global insights and opportunities for dairy market to 2023.

The research, fielded and developed by CNIEL, the French Dairy Interbranch Organization, surveyed global dairy marketers across 23 countries, who shared key challenges currently faced by marketers within the dairy sector and anticipated future trends. Designed as a complement to the annual IDF World Dairy Situation Report, the publication serves as an additional tool to better understand the global dairy marketing picture and provides in-depth market insight.

IDF Director General, Caroline Emond said:

“To understand changes in dairy market trends, it is vital to identify the main drivers of dairy consumption in different countries around the globe. Built on the in-depth knowledge of IDF experts worldwide, this report provides vital benchmarking data and key learnings from across the sector on what is driving consumer decision-making. A must-read for those wishing to stay ahead in the sector”.

In a changing food context, most dairy markets worldwide are experiencing favourable developments, particularly for butter and cheese. Economic factors such as increases in household income and demographic changes such as population growth have both had a positive impact on global dairy markets. However, some product categories are showing declining trends in some regions.

The report also explores the dynamism of the sector, and how the dairy sector can adapt to evolving consumer expectations and habits and the increasing desire for natural food products witnessed in several countries, and the development of anti-milk, anti-fat and anti-dairy farming discourses in many countries, and how this has impacted consumption of dairy products in those regions.

The IDF report "Global Marketing Trends – Understanding Changes in Global Dairy Consumption” is available to purchase in the IDF E-shop from 27 February 2020.
A video is also available.

For a limited time only, IDF is offering a discount if the report is purchased alongside the latest edition of IDF World Dairy Situation Report here.

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