IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 – Summit Programme

Day 1 of our parallel conference sessions has been outlined below – make sure you are not left out of the debate!

Tuesday 16 October – Farm Management, Dairy Policy & Economics, Dairy Science & Technology, School Milk

Our Tuesday 16 October line up includes four parallel sessions with speakers  handpicked to ensure thought-provoking and challenging sessions.



Dairy farmers around the world are facing serious challenges to increase the sustainability of dairy farming. This conference will provide presentations and in-depth discussions on the present and future of dairy farming, as well as innovations in dairy cattle breeding and biosecurity. In the last session, dairy farmers will participate at a roundtable to discuss progress in the last 20 years and the future challenges of dairy farming.



The Dairy Policies and Economics Conference will be held to discuss world dairy production and trade, share experiences and lessons from the Asian dairy industry in South Korea and China besides examining new markets such as India, South America and Africa. There will be presentations on the role of the World Trade Organization in agricultural trade, and the agricultural trade policy of the United States with the recent progress in trade agreements.


The 2018 Dairy Science and Technology conference will begin with an overview of various topics in dairy research. Each speaker will present scientific data on specific topics in dairy science and technology, and share ways in which basic applications of dairy science can be accomplished by using advanced skills in dairy technology. The topics will specifically cover biotechnology, dairy microbiology and new product development for dairy foods.


This session covers school milk policy by countries worldwide and the influence of the school milk programme on nutrition. There will also be discussions on the global perspective of the school milk programme and its challenges.

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