Introducing IDFA’s People Strategy: Inspiring Innovative Approaches to Leadership, Workforce Development, and Diversity in Dairy


If the COVID-19 crisis has made one lesson clear, it’s that dairy industry leaders will continue to face a myriad of challenges in the months and years ahead—challenges expected and unexpected. This crisis has also provided opportunities for true and lasting leadership to emerge and the clarity born of strife is often what will shape our next reality. It is important that we continue to put people at the center of everything we do for our industry as we address the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The success of today’s dairy industry can be attributed in large part to its people, who have blazed a path of innovation, forward-thinking, and commitment to building a better future for our workforce and our communities. To further accelerate innovation in workforce and leadership development in the dairy industry, today IDFA is debuting a brand new organizational effort—The IDFA People Strategy.

IDFA’s People Strategy has four principles: it puts people at the center of everything we do; it focuses on building the workforce of the future; it nurtures diversity and inclusion across the dairy industry; and it gives us the tools to foster organizational wellbeing.

The People Strategy is comprised of four signature programs:

Please take a moment to learn more about each program and how they can enhance you as a professional as well as your organization and industry.

  • The application period for the NextGen Leadership Program class of 2020-2021 will begin on May 18 and run until June 19. See what the application process requires to get your head start today.
  • Women in Dairy has already topped more than 400 members since its start earlier this year. Join the network that is working to empower and support women through leadership development, mentoring and networking events.
  • IDFA recently held the first virtual gathering of HR Leaders in Dairy, a new community of human resources and people officers across the dairy industry to share best practices, network, and gain insights from the latest trends in workforce wellbeing. Interested CEOs and chief human resource officers are encouraged to join the community.
  • IDFA is pleased to announce The Power of People conference, in knowledge collaboration with Egon Zehnder and McKinsey & Company, to be held in October. Register now to join other CEOs, Chief Human Resource officers, and other talent and workforce leaders at this thought-provoking, forward-thinking new conference.

The future of the dairy industry and our ability to remain globally competitive depends on how we develop the workforce of the future, cultivate the next generation of leaders, and empower and support diversity in leadership roles.

I hope you’ll join in on all the IDFA People Strategy has to offer.


Chief of Staff
International Dairy Foods Association

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