Iowa farmers take message to Washington

Iowa Farmers Union

Farm bill and trade troubles highlight major issues

As Iowa farmers face low commodity prices, consolidation in agribusiness, and volatile trade conditions, Iowa Farmers Union members will confront members of the Trump Administration and Congress about the turbulent conditions. National Farmers Union (NFU) will host 350 members in Washington, D.C., for the 2018 Fall Legislative Fly-In on September 11-14, 2018. Four Iowa farmers will join their efforts.


During their time in Washington, members will hear from U.S. Department of Agriculture officials including Secretary Purdue. They will receive briefings from U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Committees on Agriculture leadership and staff. NFU also honors members of Congress with one of its highest awards, The Golden Triangle Award.

The most important agenda items of the fly-in, however, are the meetings on Capitol Hill. Teams of Farmers Union members will stop by the office of every member of Congress, Farmers Union members will highlight the key priorities for the organization, struggles they are facing, and goals for the next farm bill.

“We need an effective Farm Bill immediately,” said Iowa Farmers Union President Aaron Lehman. “Now more than ever, Members of Congress need to hear directly from our family farmers and rural residents.”

The US Senate and House have each passed a version of the farm bill and negotiations by a conference committee are underway. The current farm bill expires September 30.