Joel Hastings Resumes Role as Editor/Publisher of HolsteinWorld

Joel Hastings

Joel Hastings
Joel Hastings, Editor & Publisher

We want to let you know that the HolsteinWorld team has resumed editorial responsibility for the HolsteinWorld Exclusive print magazine.

With a publication that has been providing support, information and news to our breeder audience for more than 113 years, we look forward to producing monthly issues in October, November and December and every month in 2018.

Our production and sales staff continue their work, with Carol Moyer leading our sales team, Randy Blodgett doing our social media, photos and videos and Bill Woodruff producing our pages.  We’re pleased that Kathleen O’Keefe will be working with us and exhibitors to organize and present the 2017 All-American Holstein and Jersey Contests.

Our business office is unchanged:

HolsteinWorld Exclusive
c/o HFW Communications Inc
1350C W. Southport Rd. Suite 298
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Come see us at Expo in our usual booth in the Coliseum just outside the show ring.