Join American Farmland Trust for Free Range Conversations on Farmers Combat Climate Change

Climate change is already having an impact on agriculture. And while it presents significant challenges to the agriculture industry, it also presents opportunities.

Join us for the next Free Range Conversations with American Farmland Trust on August 13th from 8-9PM EST to hear more about how farmers and ranchers across the nation are coming together to combat climate change.


On the call, AFT president John Piotti will discuss the unique role farmland can play in putting carbon back into the soil.

Got a question about agriculture and climate? We've got you covered. Ask it by using the link below or replying to this email and we'll do our best to answer it on the call.

We can't wait to hear from you. It's crucial that we hear from our members and supporters as much as we can, so sign up, call in, and join the conversation.

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