Kollaras & Co Partners with Hart Dairy for Asian Distribution Expansion

Hart Dairy, the largest single-source producer of 100 percent free-range, grass-fed milk in North America, is proud to announce a joint venture with veteran Australian distribution company Kollaras & Co to now distribute their premium dairy products from the US, Australia and New Zealand throughout the Asian market. The new joint venture company, Dairy Fresh New Zealand Ltd., marries Kollaras & Co’s extensive experience in these markets with Hart Dairy’s significant understanding of the dairy category to offer their line of dairy products to the Asian region.

“With our distribution network of more than 20,000 outlets in seven continents, we are regularly asked if we can supply dairy products to our buyers and wholesalers,” said Kollaras & Co Director Michael Kollaras. “Hart Dairy is an excellent fit for us to fulfill this need and we are excited to work with CEO Tim Connell and the Hart Dairy team on this joint venture. We are also encouraged by the significant opportunities offered in the Asian region as we begin to fulfill substantial orders through Dairy Fresh New Zealand.”

“Kollaras & Co is a world-class organization and partnering with them to offer our premium dairy products in the Asian market was an easy decision for us,” said Hart Dairy Chief Executive Officer Tim Connell. “Working with the Kollaras & Co team is a natural step for us to expand our ‘Grass 365’ dairy product offerings into Asia and the recent high demand for our products gives us confidence in the long-term sustainable growth of Dairy Fresh New Zealand.”

Hart Dairy has redefined the grass-fed dairy standard through its production of premium “Grass 365” dairy products including fresh milk, yogurt, cheese and butter varieties. Located near Augusta, Georgia, Hart Dairy sits on more than 4,000 acres of pristine farmland and is the largest single-source producer of 100 percent free-range, grass-fed milk in North America. The farm boasts more than 3,500 happy cows that roam free, are never confined and are grass-fed 365 days a year in a certified, non-GMO environment. Under the direction of Dr. Richard Watson, a pioneer in world-class grazing and pasture-based techniques, Hart Dairy passionately combines animal welfare and better-for-you dairy products with truly free-range, grass-fed cows. For more information, visit www.hartdairy.com.

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