Labor Roadshow IV


Offered by the Ag Workforce Development Council

New York Labor Road Show IV is an opportunity to learn about regulation changes and how to best position your business for compliance and success. Several important changes to state regulations occurred in 2020 that farm employers need to understand, including which employees are covered by overtime and day-of-rest and which can be designated as family members or exempt employees.

Course Topics and Speakers

Topics will include:
  • FLFLPA overtime and day-of-rest updates
  • New NY permanent sick leave law and insurance requirements
  • Paid family leave, disability, and worker’s compensation
  • Union education for farm managers
  • FLFLPA employee housing requirements
  • Sexual harassment prevention training requirements
  • COVID-19 and farm workforce health

Featured speakers will include:

  • Elizabeth Bihn, Ph.D., Cornell Institute for Food Safety
  • Libby Eiholzer, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Neil Gilberg, Advocate for Business, New York Worker’s Compensation Board
  • Kali Kniel, Ph.D., Professor of Microbial Food Safety, University of Delaware
  • Jeanette Lazelle and Caylin Gwise, Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs, NYS Department of Labor
  • Steven Martin, Chief Sanitarian, NYS Department of Health
  • Charles Palmer, Partner, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
  • Richard Stup, Ph.D., Cornell Ag Workforce Development


Noon – 2 PM | November 18, 2020
Noon – 2 PM | November 19, 2020
Noon – 2 PM | November 20, 2020
Noon – 2 PM | November 23, 2020
Noon – 2 PM | November 24, 2020

Registration  $55.00 per person

This webinars series will be held online through Zoom. Cost is $55 per person to attend all five webinars and to receive links to the webinar recordings. Ag Workforce Development Council member organizations include: NEDPA, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development, Cayuga Marketing, AgriMark, Upstate Niagara, New York Farm Bureau, New York Vegetable Growers Association, New York Animal Ag Coalition, Agri-Placement Services, New York Horticultural Society, Dairy Farmers of America, Farm Credit East, Gray & Oscar LLC.

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