Last Call for Southwest Nutrition Conference

The popular Southwest Nutrition Conference is just around the corner slated for Feb. 5 – 7 in Chandler, Ariz.

The Southwest Nutrition Conference brings applicable science and information that provides dairy professionals with the knowledge to take back to their dairy clients, laboratories, or research facilities.

According to Dr. Bob Collier, conference organizer, the goal at SWNC is to provide networking opportunities for industry professionals, businesses and organizations while bringing to the table current trending research advancements, technical and practical information.

He says, “At SWNC we strive to bring speakers and topics that our attendees communicate are of value.  For that reason, we want to hear from our attendees, please feel free to contact us anytime with suggestions regarding future conferences.

If you have any questions about our 2020 SWNC please contact us as well.“

The conference kicks off on Feb. 5 with a golf tournament at the Crown Plaza Phoenix Chandler golf course, followed in the afternoon by a feeding program software training session.

Zinpro Minerals sponsors the pre-conference session on the morning of Feb. 6 with four featured speakers.

The conference itself gets underway at 1:30 p.m. with these speakers and topics:

“How is the 2019 Corn Silage Going to Feed”
Dr. John Goeser, Research and Innovation Director, Rock River Laboratory

“Dietary Protein and Troubleshooting Low Milk Protein”
Dr. Ranga Appuhamy, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University

“New Insights into Dietary Energy”
Dr. Mike VandeHaar, Professor, Michigan State University

“Feed and Animal Factors Effecting Feed Intake”
Dr. Mike Allen, Professor, Michigan State University


A wine and cheese reception follows sponsored by Zinpro

On day two, Feb. 7, the schedule features these presenters:

“How’s a Nutritionist to Decide on All of the Different By-Pass Products?
Dr. Adam Lock, Associate Professor, Michigan State University

“The High Fertility Cycle – How BCS Changes Affect Fertility”
Dr. Paul Fricke, Professor, University of Wisconsin

“Strategies to Modulate the Immune System in Early Lactation to Maximize Transition Cow Performance”

Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho, Associate Professor, Cornell University

“Feeding Dairy Calves and Heifers to Maximize Future Productivity and Profitability”
Dr. Bob Corbett, President, Dairy Health Consultation

“Re-Evaluating Transition Cow Hypophagia, Subclinical Hypocalcemia and Hyperketonemia”
Dr. Lance Baumgard, Professor, Iowa State University

12:00 pm Conference concludes.

Full details about conference registration and hotel reservations may be found at

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