Late spring planting decision making resources

Making decisions about late crop planting? Joe Lawrence, PRO-DAIRY Dairy Forage Systems Specialist has developed some resources to help.

Late Spring: Forage considerations beyond corn


Recent weather windows have allowed some progress around the state, however, current field conditions in many areas leave numerous questions and few good answers. With the need to address forage inventories for the coming winter, it may be helpful to think about what can be done to minimize the negative impacts of what mother nature has presented to us. Key decisions in the near future could make a difference between making the best of a bad situation and exacerbating the problems.

Late planted corn for silage and GDD accumulation

The June 10, 2019 NYS Crop Progress Report from USDA shows corn planting at 50 percent compared to a five-year average of 82 percent. As we enter June with a great deal of corn yet to be planted we thought we would take a look the average number of growing degree days (GDD’s) remaining in the season.



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