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General Session

Social housing: opportunities for important behaviors- Dr. Jennifer Van Oswill outline important behaviors for dairy calves and how we can provide appropriate outlets for them to express these behaviors. Learn what the latest science tells us about the calf’s perspective and how to achieve successful outcomes.

Breakout Sessions

(Participate in all 3)
Pinpoint the signs of pneumonia
– Dr. Theresa Ollivett, DVM
In this hands-on session Dr. Theresa Ollivett, DVM, will help you identify and diagnose both clinical and sub-clinical dairy calf pneumonia by examining postmortem calf lungs. See first-hand the lesions to look for during a necropsy and learn best strategies to providing the right treatment for calves.

Interpreting the “bloody data” -Dr. Franklyn Garry, DVM

Get an inside perspective of some of the most common causes of calf mortality. Explore inside the calf as Dr. Garry walks you through normal and abnormal anatomy, and proper sample-taking techniques. This hands-on session offers a perfect blend of what’s learned from the necropsy, observation, and how to best record data to enhance care and get better results.
Social housing … to pair or not to pair? – Dr. Jennifer Van Os
While research continues to show that raising calves in pairs or groups can be beneficial, how do you know if your operation is ready to move forward and successfully incorporate social housing? With Dr. Jennifer Van Os, you’ll work through various scenarios to evaluate how different types of dairy operations can achieve excellent outcomes when transitioning to rearing calves socially.

Your Conference Presenters

Dr. Jennifer Van Os
Assistant Professor
of Dairy Science
UW Ext. Animal-Welfare Specialist
University Wisconsin – Madison
Dr. Theresa Ollivett, DVM
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dept. of Medical Sciences
Dr. Franklyn Garry, DVM
State Extension Specialist
Colorado State College of Veterinary & BioMedical Sciences, Department of Clinical Services

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You can also call 800.947.7379 to register.
Registration Fee: $125/member and $250/non-member ($75 each additional participant from same dairy. Registration fee covers workshop, materials and lunch.


  • Tuesday
  • November 19
  • Fox Valley Tech. College
  • Chilton Regional Center
  • 1200 Chestnut
  • Chilton, Wis.


  • Wednesday
  • November 20
  • Chippewa Valley
  • Technical College
  • Energy Education Center
  • 4000 Campus Rd.
  • Eau Claire, Wis.


  • Thursday
  • November 21
  • Southwest Tech. College
  • 1800 Bronson Blvd.
  • Fennimore, Wis



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