Learn more about colostrum composition with Penn State Extension webinar

Penn State Extension

Webinar will explain the nutritional composition of colostrum

Dairy producers and other agriculture industries are invited to join Penn State Extension for the Dairy Colostrum 101 webinar at 11 a.m., October 16.

Feeding colostrum to the newborn dairy calf is critical for the health and viability of that animal. This webinar will explain the nutritional composition of colostrum, the pathway of digestion, and the importance of quality, quantity, cleanliness, and timing of colostrum feeding.

Curd formation and quality testing of colostrum will be demonstrated during the webinar.

This webinar is free to all participants. To learn more or register, visit extension.psu.edu/dairy-colostrum-101. Registration closes on October 15 at 11:59 a.m.

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