Learn more about rumen development in dairy calves

Penn State Extension

Webinar is free to all participants, registration closes on October 29

Dairy producers and other agriculture industries are invited to join Penn State Extension for the Rumen Development in the Dairy Calf webinar at 11 a.m., October 30.

This webinar will discuss the process of rumen development, papillae formation, and the steps necessary to achieve nutritional success in the growing dairy heifer.

The key element to nutritional success for the dairy calf is rumen development. Examples of different calf grains will be shown during the webinar as well as dissected calf stomachs in various stages of development.

This webinar is free to all participants. To learn more or register, visit https://extension.psu.edu/rumen-development-in-the-dairy-calf. Registration closes on October 29 at 11:59 a.m.

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