Learn to Culture Milk to Increase Profitability on Your Farm

Are you a dairy producer interested in better managing mastitis on your farm? From conducting initial mastitis testing to identifying bacteria, this course could be for you. Enroll today in On-Farm Milk Culturing for Mastitis Control, an online course from Penn State Extension’s Dairy Team.

This self-paced course will help you learn more about conducting initial mastitis testing to benefit overall herd health. These advances in testing now enable dairy farmers to evaluate cows for mastitis more quickly, allowing for earlier, targeted treatment.

Course sections include:

  • Performing the California Mastitis Test
  • Preparing a cow for sampling
  • Culturing a sample
  • Identifying the type of bacteria causing mastitis





Amber Yutzy

Ginger Fenton, Ph.D.

Hayley Springer


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