Legion Bio Chem Enters Soil-enhancement Market

Newly-launched Legion Bio Chem brings a new vision to the micronutrient and biologicals space

Legion Bio Chem was recently announced as the newest player in the soil enhancement market. The GroWell Solutions Legion comes to market with are built with the producer, and their fields, in mind. Stand-alone or mixed with other GroWell solutions, these proven and powerful answers can be added to any current program to maximize soil productivity and plant growth.


Four product families currently comprise the GroWell offering to maximize growth potential: FasGro, ZenaGro, FortiGro and EnduraGro. Each product category delivers on the Legion Bio Chem promise: Start Well, Grow Well.

  • FasGro helps plants get a faster start with quick-start macronutrient mixes
  • ZenaGro completes the nutrient mix with essential micronutrients
  • FortiGro fortifies plants with faster absorption through foliar application
  • EnduraGro revives the soil’s ecosystem with microorganisms and bio-stimulants


Newly leading Legion, but not new to the industry, is Ed Ummach, Senior Vice President. Ummach has been part of the crop, agronomic and nutritional market for over 25 years. Alongside the technical and sales team, Legion brings immense industry understanding and perspective.

“It was important to us to bring quality products, but just as important to bring consistency,” Ummach noted. “This market can be a bit cluttered and noisy, so our products are as straightforward as they come – with results that match.”

Also delivering Legion solutions is Jared Roberts, Vice President of Sales. “I’ve spent a lot of time in fields and with growers understanding what works and what doesn’t,” Roberts said. “What I’ve seen is that we need some new ideas to keep growing the way we have in the past. Some of that can come from the crops, but a lot of it needs to come from the soil.”

Ummach added, “Legion Bio Chem is really offering that next win for the producers eyeing better productivity. We’re helping max out growth through smart application of needed nutrients – it’s a simple as that.”

Enhancing the soil to meet producer needs with mix-and-match solutions built for every field is what Legion Bio Chem is excited to begin offering every U.S. farmer.

Legion Bio Chem will make their first appearance at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA on August 28-30th.

Visit them at booth VIT9713 in the Varied Industries Tent, Southwest Exhibitor Field.
Or, learn more about Legion Bio Chem and their GroWell Solutions at www.legionbiochem.com.