Lemken Introduces Rubin 10 for Efficiency and Fuel Savings

Lemken, global manufacturer and supplier of professional crop cultivation implements for strategic tillage, sowing and planting protection, offers the Rubin 10 high-speed disc for intensive mixing at shallow depths and in difficult soil conditions. A patented symmetrical disc arrangement and rugged construction allow the Rubin 10 to tackle tough fields in a single pass, reducing fuel consumption and increasing tillage efficiency for applications in spring or fall.

“Farming is a numbers game – Lemken can’t control the weather, pests or crop prices, so we’re doing the next best thing by designing implements that help farmers save time and money,” said Jim Balstad, vice president of sales and marketing for Lemken USA. “The Rubin 10 is specially designed to maximize efficiency and service life while minimizing downtime and resource consumption.”

The Rubin 10’s 25-inch (64.5-centimeter) concave discs support a working depth up to 5.5 inches (14 centimeters). A wide range of models are available to ensure a precise fit with the customer’s unique operation. The Rubin 10 is available with working widths from 8 feet (2.5 meter) up to 23 feet (7 meters). Depending on model and field conditions, the implement is capable of working speeds up to 10 miles per hour.

A symmetrical disc arrangement eliminates side draft, reducing overlap and the need for corrections when working with GPS. This patented arrangement was cited as one of the distinguishing factors when the implement was named Machine of the Year 2019 at SIMA in Paris. The symmetrical forces deliver excellent penetration and high-acreage performance while saving fuel and completing perfect seedbed prep in a single pass. In addition, the discs are

inclined 20 degrees to the soil with a 17-degree angle toward the outside in the front rows and a 15-degree tilt toward center in rear row. This allows for optimum penetration and ensures cultivation over the full working width. To achieve maximum clearance between discs and eliminate blockage in moist and sticky soils, the Rubin 10’s discs are individually attached to a surface hardened stalk.

To tackle tough soils and high residue crops, the Rubin 10 uses quarter-inch (.6 cm) thick hardened and tempered DuraMaXX discs. DuraMaXX discs offer maximum service life and operating time, reducing maintenance costs even in difficult soil conditions. A six-fold cassette sealing protects maintenance-free angular ball bearings from dust and moisture while Lemken’s unique bearing unit design protects the housing from coarse dirt and crop wrapping, further reducing maintenance requirements.

An impact and leveling harrow combine to create a high-quality seedbed for better seeding efficiency with high yield crops. Both harrows feature central depth adjustment and quickly adapt to changing working conditions to ensure optimal results.

“Whether it happens in the fall or in the spring before planting, strategic tillage is the first step in a successful harvest,” Balstad said. “Lemken’s Rubin 10 is specially designed for perfect seedbed preparation in a single pass, even with difficult soil conditions. A range of models and optional features means farmers can custom build the Rubin 10 to fit their operation to keep them growing year after year.”



In addition to efficiency-enhancing features, the Rubin 10 offers farmers maximum customization with a range of optional features. Versatile mounting positions allow for a wide range of adjustments with different tractors and soils, increasing maneuverability and safety during transport. Pull type and semi-mounted systems that reduce the weight load on the rear tractor axle when the implement is raised provide high stability. Three-point mounting is available for implements up to 23 feet (7 meters).

Optional depth control wheels further increase handling and working capabilities, ensuring consistent working depths and smooth operation even on slopes. And an optional straw harrow allows better distribution of straw for more equal mixing of organic matter.

All Lemken implements come with access to the company’s knowledgable customer service technicians and genuine replacement parts, available 24/7 through the website and often delivered within 24 hours.

For more information on the Rubin 10, visit lemken.com.

About Lemken USA

LEMKEN is global manufacturer and supplier of professional crop cultivation implements for strategic tillage, sowing and planting protection. For more than 200 years, the company has been at the forefront of agronomic innovation and strategic tillage science with machines designed for the unique soils, conditions and farming systems of their customers. More information: Lemken USA, 1920 Queensbury Street, West Fargo, ND 58078; 701-630-9154; balstad@lemken.com; lemken.com, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn , or Twitter



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