Lemken Introduces the Heliodor 9 for Optimum Versatility And High-Speed Tillage

Lemken, a global manufacturer and supplier of professional crop cultivation implements for strategic tillage, sowing and planting protection, introduces the Heliodor 9 high-speed disc for one-pass tillage and seedbed preparation in a variety of field conditions. With high operating speeds and minimum power requirements, the Heliodor offers farmers optimal versatility in light to medium soils, increasing efficiency and productivity for spring or fall applications.

“For more than 200 years Lemken has been designing implements tailored to the unique operations of our customers,” said Jim Balstad, vice president of sales and marketing for Lemken USA. “The Heliodor is one of our most versatile implements. It gives farmers quality cultivation and seedbed prep in a single pass, something they’ve come to expect from Lemken, with faster speeds and smaller tractors, saving them time and money.”



The Heliodor’s short, compact frame design gives the unit an advantageous center of gravity. This enables the use of lighter tractors with lower lifting power. With 19 different models featuring a variety of working widths from 6.5-52.5 feet (2-16 meters), the Heliodor can be customized to fit any size operation. Depending on size and features, it can be paired with a tractor as small as 50-80 horsepower. The largest Heliodor requires a 500-640 horsepower machine. Even with additional equipment, the Heliodor can reach operating speeds up to 12 mph with low fuel consumption, guaranteeing efficient and cost-effective tillage in spring and fall.

The Heliodor features 20-inch (51-centimeter) serrated, concave discs that offer farmers working depth of up to 4 inches (10 centimeters). Discs are individually suspended with leaf springs for uniform cultivation depth and optimum leveling. This feature acts as an automatic overload protection since it allows each disc to ride over stones and other obstructions when necessary. Compared to rubber buffers, it also guarantees a greater degree of tracking stability. Nearly 5-inch (12.5-centimeter) spacing between discs enables high-output, intensive soil cultivation without clogging, further increasing efficiency.

To tackle tough soils with minimal maintenance and long service life, the Heliodor relies on quality-engineered design elements and rugged components. High quality angular ball bearings minimize maintenance and guarantee reliable disc function by absorbing radial and axial forces from discs. The fully sealed bearings also prevent damage from dust, dirt and moisture. Additional seals and a stable steel cap prevent damage from coarse dirt and eliminate issues tied to crop and debris wrapping, greatly reducing maintenance requirements.



All Lemken implements come with access to the company’s knowledgeable customer service technicians and genuine replacement parts, available 24/7 through the website.

For more information on the Heliodor, visit lemken.com.

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