Lemken Offers Karat 9 for Maximum Versatility with Intensive Cultivation

Lemken’s Karat 9 features user-friendly engineering, durable construction and innovative options, allowing farmers to achieve consistent working depths and perfect seedbed preparation in a single pass – even in hilly areas.

Lemken, a global manufacturer and supplier of professional crop cultivation implements for strategic tillage, planting and crop protection, offers the Karat 9, a multi-purpose cultivator designed for maximum versatility. The Karat 9’s user-friendly engineering, durable construction and innovative options allow farmers to achieve consistent working depths and perfect seedbed preparation in a single pass – even in hilly areas – increasing efficiency and productivity for strategic tillage applications.

“Like any industry, the key to successful farming is finding ways to do more with less,” said Jim Balstad, vice president of sales and marketing for Lemken USA. “In the case of the Karat 9, Lemken is helping farmers do a lot more with a single piece of equipment. It not only replaces chisel and moldboard plows, it gives farmers maximum versatility for efficient, cost-effective tillage tailored to their field and soil conditions.”

The Karat 9 offers farmers variable working depths from 2 to 12 inches (5 to 10 centimeters) to incorporate crop residue deep into the soil for faster nutrient release and compaction alleviation. A set of symmetrically arranged, heavy-duty shanks followed by serrated, concave discs ensures consistent, thorough mixing of soil and organic matter. This results in better seedbed preparation and higher yields. With working widths from 9.8-23 feet (3-7 meters), the Karat 9 can be customized to fit any size operation. And with operating speeds up to 8 miles per hour, tillage can be completed quickly in spring or fall.

For optimum efficiency, the Karat shanks feature a user-friendly quick-change system. Each shank is individually attached to a foot assembly with a linchpin, allowing for quick, toolless interchanges. The Karat 9 offers eight different shank configurations, giving farmers maximum versatility for a wide range of operating conditions and working depths. All shank options feature carbide-coated points and wing shares for increased service life. Innovative design on cone and overlapping sections protects the attachment bolt from wear, further increasing shank longevity.

The Karat 9’s advanced engineering also allows for accurate, tool-free adjustment of working depth. For 9.8- to 11.4-foot (3- to 3.5-meter) units, this adjustment is made with pins and perforated plates located at the rear of the implement and can be made from either side. For rigid 13-foot (4-meter) and folding mounted versions, working depth is accurately adjusted by two mechanisms located at the front of the implement and on either side.

For farmers working in uneven terrain, the semi-mounted Karat comes equipped with hydraulic depth adjustment. This allows for easy handling and continuous adjustment from the tractor cab via the trailing roller. An additional hydraulic traction booster acts as a smart ballasting system and ensures the cultivator always maintains correct working depth, even when driven across uneven ground. This innovative feature reduces slipping and saves fuel. At a 4-inch (10-centimeter) working depth, this equates to a 14% less fuel consumption and 2% greater acreage performance. At 8-inch (20-centimeter) working depths, that increases to 22% less fuel and 6% greater acreage performance.

In extremely hilly terrain, the optional ContourTrack offers semi-mounted Karat users consistent working depths through valleys and on hilltops. A pivot point on the frame, behind the working section, and an additional hydraulic cylinder automatically adjust to maintain the desired working depth as the implement follows surface contours. The ContourTrack system saves fuel and boosts traction to deliver outstanding results in hilly terrain.



All Lemken implements come with access to the company’s knowledgable customer service technicians and genuine replacement parts, available 24/7 through the website.

For more information on the Karat 9, visit lemken.com.

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