Lifequest World Corp. Subsidiary Biopipe Global Corp. Enters Into 50-50 Joint Venture With Biotech Innovations Of Bangladesh

Biopipe Global Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lifequest World Corp. (OTC: “LQWC”) has entered into a 50-50 joint venture with BioTech Innovations of BangladeshBangladesh represents a huge opportunity for our patented onsite 100% sludge free, silent and odor free sewage wastewater treatment system.  According to the 2017 United Nations World Water Development Report, Bangladesh treats only 17 percent of its wastewater. Mr. Md. Manzur Morshed, President, CEO of BioTech Innovations said, “1.16 million cubic meters per day of sewage in capital Dhaka alone is dumped into the rivers, according to Bangladesh Institute of Planners. This alone represents a massive opportunity. With a Biopipe plant running for nearly 2 years at the Justice Complex, we have successfully demonstrated the unique capability of the system.



100m 3/day of sewage and grey water goes in and 100m 3/day of reusable water comes out. We are about to install another plant at Bangladesh Government Secretary’s complex with 108m 3/day capacity and have a robust pipeline of government and commercial projects”. We are absolutely excited about our partnership and the Biopipe system speaks for itself.”   Enes Kutluca, the CEO of Biopipe said, “We have an opportunity to engineer a paradigm shift in the way sewage wastewater is treated in Bangladesh and emerging countries in general. The social and environmental impact matters to us and with Biotech Innovation we will certainly accomplish that in Bangladesh.”   About Biopipe Biopipe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifequest is the 1st patented and world’s only sludge free decentralized (onsite) wastewater treatment system. Biopipe is 100% sludge free, odor free, silent, easy to assemble and install, scalable, low cost, ecological and virtually maintenance free (if 1000 liters of sewage wastewater goes in, 1000 liters of clean water is discharged). The treated water is clean enough to exceed EU Standards for discharge and reuse. The entire treatment takes place within a series of pipes and the only output is clean water that is reused for irrigation and cleaning.


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